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The Professional Edge

Why Invest in Professional website design?

Even in today's market flooded with quick-fix website options and off-the-shelf templates, the value of a custom website in 2024 is still a huge necessity, with 75% of consumers admitting to judging a company based on website design and 85% admitting to checking a business online before making a purchase. Therefore, our fully custom approach delivers unique, high-quality websites that starkly contrast the limitations of DIY solutions, which even basic agencies embrace.

Our Approach to Websites: Authenticity from the Ground Up

Today's crowded and highly competitive digital landscape means your website should be more than just a cheap template because it embodies your reputation and, most importantly, the customer's first impression by acting as a 24/7 sales rep. That's why at Cegrix, we focus on crafting the entire digital experience grounded in creating 100% authentic, "from scratch" websites as unique as you and your needs with the full ability to ensure your website not only looks and performs exceptionally on every device but also delivers an experience that is both seamless and engaging.

Tailored for Every Screen, Designed for Every User

From iPhones to tablets, laptops, desktops, and watches, today's websites face a heavy demand to be viewed correctly from various shapes and sizes, which is why our commitment to customization capability goes beyond by ensuring your website delivers a consistent user experience (UX) on every device by providing a completely tailored experience for your potential customers with your message as flexible and dynamic as the market it serves.

The User Experience & Interface (UX/UI):

User experience (UX) and proper user interface (UI) design are crucial for any successful app or website, providing the ability to anticipate and meet users' needs with ease and intuition. From the moment visitors land on your page, every element guides them through a seamless journey, from engaging content to intuitive navigation, which are crucial elements Google tracks for SEO. Therefore, we practice the latest UX/UI principles so your website isn't just visually stunning on every device but functionally superior and easy to understand. You can learn more about our UX/UI Services here.

Why Choose Us?

Choosing us for your website design means partnering with Sean Malloy, a top-tier, highly experienced UX/UI designer who leads a talented team that understands the importance of correctly establishing a digital presence in every aspect that compliments the process through the following key elements:

  • Discovery: Understanding your expectations, your goal, and, most importantly, what your potential customer wants to see.

  • Communication: The power of listening is crucial, and diligent communication ensures you are heard and kept involved in every aspect of your project.

  • Wireframe Preview: Every website is designed on a powerful collaboration artboard, allowing you to be involved with the design.

  • Transparency: Educating our clients and stakeholders by explaining our process makes it easier for us to deliver a quality product.

  • Customization: Our pin-point customization capability of every pixel on your website with coded programming capability gets what you need.

  • Performance: Speed and security aren't just features but foundations that stand out to search engines like Google.

  • SEO-Ready: We build every website with core SEO practices at the forefront because, after all (we're an SEO agency).

  • Content Creation: We have a full suite of services from compelling copywriting to striking Getty Images quality photography.

Ready to Elevate Your Online Presence?

Your talent and business are unique, so contact us today, and let's create a digital platform that captivates and converts. Click below to tell us about your vision, everything you want, and how we can bring it to life.

What you get

  • Market Authority
  • Precision Design
  • 100% From Scratch
  • Mobile Optimized
  • Live Design Preview
  • Dashboard Login
  • On Screen Editor
  • Content Creation
  • High Speed Hosting
  • SSL 228bit Encryption
  • Turn-Key Service

Website Types

  • Landing pages
  • multi-page
  • blogs
  • ECommerce
  • Membership

Price Range

  • Starting at $3k as website types vary.

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Pricing Plans

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