Main service page image for Brand Identity page showing large real logo sign being made in sign factory that says "Pho" and picture of hand drawing "Pho Saigon" logo on paper.Main service page image for Brand Identity page showing large real logo sign being made in sign factory that says "Pho".Main service page image for Brand Identity page showing picture of hand drawing "Pho Saigon" logo on paper.
Hand-Drawn Design Capability
The Professional Edge

Why Invest in a Professional Brand Identity?

In today's confusing and misleading brand-saturated market, a unique identity can be more than just a creative endeavor by presenting both a legal and strategic challenge. Therefore, we specialize in brand identity creation that stands out creatively and, most importantly, legally. At Cegrix, our strategic capability and experience in this process help ensure your brand's presence is adequately evident across all channels, from domain names to social media handles, for an authentic identity that's not only distinctive but fully and legally yours.

Our Approach to Authentic Branding

In a heavily saturated market with generic imitations and cookie-cutter solutions, standing out with authenticity and originality is crucial, and it's why we dive deep into your brand by crafting a unique identity that resonates with your target audience. Our meticulous process from the ground up offers trademark-ready concepts that involve navigating the markets with a clear focus on legal ownership across all platforms, ensuring your identity remains yours. By working with us, you're not just getting an authentic logo, you're securing confidence and peace of mind tailored to the test of time.

Hand Crafted Capability

Our ability to hand-craft custom typography, wordmarks, and monograms from scratch to create a unique and authentic brand identity separates us from the rest. While many branding agencies and graphic designers rely solely on digital design and modification of templates suitable for some brands, specific projects may require a unique approach calling for dynamic capability crucial to the outcome. At Cegrix, our years of experience sketching, illustrating, and hand-lettering logos that involve typography and visual assets with creative ideas by means outside of just a computer allows us to provide the necessary talent to capture what you, your company, and your product truly stand for.

The Branding Experience: Fun, Personal, And Engaging

As we see it, the branding journey with us is an adventure in creativity and personal expression involving mood boards and a collaborative, enjoyable process to pinpoint your preferences and the emotional tone of your brand. This hands-on approach helps ensure the final identity system reflects your vision and provides an engaging, memorable journey. By working closely with you, we can transform the complex task of brand development into an exciting exploration of your company's heart and soul in a unique brand identity as authentic and individual as you are.

Why Choose Us For Creating Your Company's Identity?

Choosing us to work on your brand means partnering with a knowledgeable team with one-off talent who cares and understands the importance of your identity with key aspects crucial to branding your company the right way:

  • Unique Talent: From musicians to athletes, not all talent is created equal, and with a blend of artistic and business acumen, we lead design with ideal talent calibration.

  • Authenticity: Every brand identity we create will be yours and tailored directly to you, making you a serious contender in the marketplace.

  • Trademark Assistance: We don't just design but provide discernment and direction to the trademarking process done by our legal firm to protect your brand and investment.

  • Comprehensive Branding: Our services are tailored to every aspect of brand identity, from logos to complete identity systems with color and typography guides.

  • Versatile Applications: Our brand identities are versatile, ensuring consistency across all platforms and mediums, regardless of size.

Ready to Elevate Your Brand?

Take the first step towards a distinctive identity that resonates with your audience, builds confidence, and stands the test of time. With our expert talent, your brand will look exceptional while embodying your business's core values and vision, so connect with us today so we can begin transforming you into a market leader.

What you get

  • Professional Image
  • Confidence Boost
  • Brand Consistency
  • Clear Messaging
  • Customer Trust
  • Competitive Edge
  • Market Differentiation
  • Memorable Identity
  • Increased Credibility
  • Visual Appeal
  • Strategic Positioning

Price Range

  • Starting at $1k as identity requirements and styles can significantly vary.

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